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Intimate Landscapes

I started to post some of my images on a photography magazine site, and was surprised when they moved them from the Landscape group to the Intimate group. I had no idea that a more detailed image was referred to as Intimate.
Intimate, when you look it up in the dictionary , means private, personal, devoted, secret. Nowhere does it describe a Landscape image that isn't of an horizon but of a closer view.
I started to discover many of my images were heading this way when I started to slow down and think,. However, not just to think. but to be part of the image, being present rather than feeling I should be taking a pretty picture because thats what people want or what everyone else is doing.
I've never wanted to do what everyone else is doing. I'm usually late to the party, I remember wanting a pair of black jeans 10 years after they were trendy, never during the trend, I've never understood how people follow fashion, why would you want to live your life waiting to be told what you should wear, rather than what you want to wear?

I see many other photographers following fashions, copying styles, and in doing so miss out on their own true style, aiming for that special landscape location because everyone else has been there, and missing the 1,000's of images along the way, rather than being present and slowing down.
Valuing the moment comes when we slow down the pace and take in what we are feeling. How the landscape, the smells, the sounds, the colours affect us and make impressions on our choices.

Our stories and beliefs from others in our lives, close friends and families,  are sometimes taken on board without question until they take us so far away from our true selves, we become disillusioned. Many of us don't realise and live a life of others values, not understanding our own. Sometimes it takes a huge change in our lives like a relationship break up or an illness to shake us out from our sleepwalk, or sheep walk,  as its like we are just following each other.

So next time you are wandering the landscape looking for the next big image to hit your social media feed for likes and hearts, notice the disconnect.

Flip your language , ask what are you trying to convey within your image.

Slow down. Start seeing.

Mel Collie

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