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Photography Workshops in Cornwall

When I moved back to Cornwall after living in Snowdonia, North Wales for 18 months, I was looking forward to getting in touch with a local photographer called Marc Elliot. I'm a fan of the delicate way his images take shape, he has a very good eye. However, as is the case, the universe had its own ideas and Marc had a motorbike accident which resulted in his lower left leg being ripped away from its usual place on the body.

This has had a profound affect on his life and even though no one knows what any of us go through in our minds with our thoughts he seems to have come through it all and now meditates regularly.

We met up recently for a day of silent meditation in Dorset, which has helped me get back to doing something about my own lapsed meditation practice, as the calm it instills in my busy mind is a welcome retreat, blissful and so very helpful when I'm faced with worries or fears, a few moments of meditation helps me out. Im also interested in the psychology connection, the buddhists knew a lot about the brain before neuroscience was a buzz word, its interesting to see mindfulness gain in popularity, its skimming the surface, but if it helps relieve depression, anxiety, poor self esteem and stress, then I'm all for it.

I just want to say at this point that I'm not religious, I really don't believe in anything like that, it concerns me that I see so much hatred amongst different religions, I wonder where the love for each human being is...

Anyway, I digress. Marc and I have put our heads together and come up with an idea. We see that photography workshops are popular, but they do seem to place a huge amount of emphasis on taking a pretty picture and technical knowledge.

I attended one in Snowdonia, and left feeling that we didn't really connect with the host.

So, combining our knowledge and encouraging a slowing down and emphasis on being present when you are with your camera. Slow down, start seeing.
Combining this with the ever beautiful Cornish North Coast, the first workshop is Sunday 28th May. Its an early dawn start, and as thats slap bang in the middle of the year, well, more or less, this means getting up at 5am..or before..

Details to follow on how to book, as theres only going to 6 spaces, and we are heading in the direction of Padstow.

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