Mel Collie


Shaking the camera from side to side, whilst in warm clothes, and wellies, standing mid shin deep in the sea as the sun set, you may be forgiven for thinking I'm a little odd for not having a tripod with me and pointing my camera straight at that glorious sunset.

I've taken many photos of sunsets over the past 3 years, Ive also seen any photos from other photographers of their interpretation of Planet Earth slowly turning to turn day into night.

I don't spend much time pondering on the why, but taking photos of just a sunset doesn't appeal anymore. I don't feel the emotion or the love to do so, it doesn't mean I'm not connecting with the landscape, far from it, it feels I am connecting deeper and with more emotion and connection. Listening to the sounds that surround me, feeling the breeze on my face, slowing down from the fast pace and noise of the day.

I left the London lifestyle many years ago, looking for a slower and quieter pace of life, adding more quality to my day rather than quantity. In a way, I've found that here in Cornwall, but found the quantity of materialistic objects you are often told you should have around you or your life will not be complete, has been swapped for the openness, the space, the quantity of nothingness..if there is such a thing.

I long for the peaceful mornings, the tide gently lapping the shore, the sun slowly waking up the blue tones turning to pink, then yellow...however, the lure to stay in bed is strong sometimes, but the benefits of the mind are many to move, connect with the landscape as you watch the day unfold before many others wake and switch the kettle on.

Fortunate indeed to have this on the doorstep.


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