Mel Collie


Are you good enough?

When I opened the box of my Canon G11, I was scared to use it..what if I couldn't work it out and failed at taking good images??  I kept it in the box for 4 weeks until my boyfriend asked if my new camera had arrived yet..


So why arent you using it?

Ummm....because I don't know how to..

Well, is that going to change by not using it?

Good point...

So I took it out of the box and started to practice, the first shot I took was of a baby snail wandering over a long blade of grass.

Little steps...(me, not the snail..)

So that has me wondering how many people have seen our advert for a one day workshop in Cornwall and thought they would love to come but won't because they don't believe they are good enough.

I wonder how many have thought that about other workshops. I know I have.

I wonder how many have thought that about life in general and stayed small, kept their voice quiet, scared of being judged.

Scared to go to an exercise class,  for example, because they are worried they wont be fit enough, flexible enough, have a strong core, scared to join in incase people laugh at them.

How do you even begin to start to believe in yourself?

Here are 2 ways to start the ball rolling:

1. Count your wins. Every day. The brain is hardwired to remember the bad stuff more than the good, so counting your wins each day is the most important thing you can do. Whats a win? Getting out of bed. Tidying the house. Cooking dinner. Shopping for the weekly food. Taking the kids to school. Drinking more water. Eating an extra piece of fruit or veg. Walking an extra 10  minutes. Taking the stairs. Meditating for however long you are able to. Going for a swim. Going to an exercise class. Going for a run. (you get the idea..) This doesn't mean you have to do all of that stuff. You do what you do, but you count the wins, write them down in a diary, in a book, because you will forget them, and then beat yourself up about how little you achieved that week, when you did, actually, achieve a lot.

2. Listen to the words you use when you speak to yourself. I'm amazed at how often I can tell myself off. The words I choose to say to myself are ones I would never accept from anyone else, so why accept them from myself? If you are accepting those words, what else do you allow in your life that you don't question? Cultivate an awareness of the words you choose. Then choose to change the negative critical words for kinder words. If thats a tough ask, then just notice and accept that you super critical of your self. Notice it. It might surprise you how much you do this. This can affect your work, relationships, self esteem, anxiety, worry, judgements about others..your feelings about your self, which, in  turn, can stop you from doing what you want to do.

Be aware of your language when posting an image on social media, especially the weekly competitions on Twitter. I see many images posted with an apology, its as if the photographer is expecting a barrage of judgemental negative criticism, an is apologising in advance.

Stop that.

It doesn't do yourself or your images any favours.

When you accept yourself as you are, not needing to do anything better, that you are good enough, this quietens the judgemental mind, calms the murkiness of the mind, so you can see clearly and have a break from worry.

And thats just what we all need, a break from the criticism and a step towards acceptance, success in accomplishing and sustaining a life thats meaningful and rewarding in its experiences, independent of anything else.

Mel Collie