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Create something great

As  photographer, I bet you are hard on yourself when you take photos that you think arent great.

Heres how I look at it.

1. Painters sketch first before they paint. They make a few sketches before painting the real deal. They change things, practice, until they feel its right, even then they will change the painting if its not right.

2. Climbers work out the route in their heads first, standing at the bottom of the route imagining the holds and shapes before lifting the foot for the first attempt. Sometimes its climbed in one attempt, sometimes its not. It may take a boulderer to sit under a route for days before he's able to finish the problem.

3. Authors write draft copies, they get torn up, they start again, they get rejected, the get edited, they re write them.

So why do photographers feel that they have to take a perfect shot, or apologise for taking a certain number of shots and be happy with one or two from their session?

We don't hit the shutter and create a perfect image in one go. Maybe some do, but I bet its not many!

It might take  a few visits to a scene to get the feel of the place you want to convey in the image. If thats the case, accepting rather than fighting against it is what you do, the frustration gets you no further forward.

What is frustration anyway? Where does it come from? What are you comparing it to?

What are you aspiring to be? Is it a craving, a desire, a will ?

Creating the images you aren't happy with is part of the path to creating the images you are happy with.

However, when the craving fades away, agitation also disappears. When you become calm and peaceful, the mind becomes even, with no bumps.

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