Mel Collie


Do you follow fashion? Or do you make it?

In my twenties black jeans were all the rage..the only time I wanted a pair was when they weren't in fashion, when they weren't that easy to find...obviously..story of my life..

If you follow fashion, more than likely you will be copying the style of other photographers, losing yourself in the process and not really knowing what your own style is.

You don't need a style, you don't need to put yourself in a box and say that you are a Landscape photographer, or a Portrait photographer, you could be any of those and love taking macro shots too.

Have an empty cup each time you go out with the camera.

Lose the presupposition.

De tangle yourself from what you think is expected. Simplify it.

When your work becomes repetitive, when you feel that your images are the equivalent of fast food and leave you feeling empty...then its time to empty your cup.

Mel Collie

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