Mel Collie


One Question

When you feel stuck in a rut ask one question.

Why do I (as in YOU) take photographs?

You can do the usual and skim the surface with an answer that doesn't really mean anything


Take time and really peel the layers of the "why"

When you look within and understand the why, there will be no rut to be stuck in

Is it an escape? From what?

Are you curious about something?

Who are you taking photos for? You? Social media likes?

What are you experiencing at the moment in your life? Emotional issues..

Everything thats going on in your life right now affects how you see the world, how you experience it, how you interpret this in your images.

Look back over the past few years of images, what were you going through during those times?

Do the images look calm, peaceful, noisy, angry, detached, weaved together, blended, happy...

One question, but many answers and many more questions arise.

The answers as you contemplate them, may lead to you picking up a different lens, walking to a different location, changing your editing technique, trying something different.

Its not about the final image, but the steps along the way that lead to it.

Notice the steps.


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