Mel Collie


The best rule book is..

We are liars. However, accepting that we are, hurts and makes us defensive . Did you just say "No I'm not!" as soon as I told you that you are a liar?


We are taught that lying is bad.

We don't want others thinking of us as liars.  So we believe the story that we don't lie. Yet we do, all the time.

"It doesn't matter" when it does
"Thats ok"  when it isn't
"No problem" when it is
"I'm not good enough" when you are
"It's not perfect enough" when it is
" I don't mind" when you do
"Your bum doesn't look big" when it does :)

We do this to feel part of the tribe, to feel that we belong so we can fit in and not be on the outside..or what we perceive as the outside...
When this becomes all too consuming, we can lose our identity and sense of self, it becomes an issue that can show itself as anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, fear, worry, concern that others will judge us which makes us worry and keeps us small. We stop showing up. We hide. We worry more.

Worry will steal your peace.

If you did not worry, how would you feel now?

If you were not afraid, what would you do?

Be the driver of the life you lead, stop being a passenger, then you can accomplish anything.

You can take a photo the way you want to, not the way someone else expects you to
You can play with the rules of thirds, which really isn't a rule, but a suggestion.
You can play with light and take shots in bright sunshine
You can play with darkness and take shots at dusk, in the rain, in the shadows.
You can use a phone to take images, you don't need an expensive branded camera if you don't have one. Use what you have, not what you wish you had or what you believe others think you should have.  Wishing you had the right tools for the job leads to procrastination, you believe that your images wont be good enough with the tools that you you do less until the time is right, the planets are in alignment and its perfect..thats never going to happen!

So the best rule book is the one that you write, not the one that someone else has written.

When you realise, by listening, understanding your language and how you react when you play by someone else rule book, when you realise that their rule book is restricting you, then its time to put it down and write you own.

How does it feel to stop being a passenger?

Mel Collie