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Tigger thinks he can do everything

Can you do everything?

These days we are bombarded with social media pictures from our "friends" Facebook "walls" and for many of us, we feel our lifestyle doesn't add up, we aren't good enough, and why aren't we as successful/happy/skinny/ripped..or take amazing photos like everyone else seems to always do?

Tigger, in Winnie the Pooh, in the Tao of Pooh (great book) is a character who thinks he can do everything. Often finding himself in tricky situations, he doesn't understand his limits. When we think of it in a mindfulness way, he doesn't know who he really is.

From Tigger, the lesson we learn is to know who you are.

You may be a landscape photographer, a macro photographer, a portrait photographer, a street photographer - it doesn't matter, theres no right or wrong. Whats important is knowing what you actually like doing. Who you really are, and not to place yourself into a labelled box

For a long time I tried to shoot images with a wide sweeping vista, and even though I love being in those huge landscapes, I don't get the same feeling from my images, only when I get closer and put the macro lens on or choose ICM or Multiple Exposure, do I feel at home, like snuggling down into the cosy armchair with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate...

Understanding what your limits are, rathe than just aimlessly wandering and shooting any images you think you should, can leave you feeling empty and exhausted and always struggling.

Awareness of you, what makes you curious, what makes you feel passionate, then follow your passion.

Your curiosity will lead you to your passion.

What makes you curious?


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