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What DONT you like?

Facebook has a LIKE button
Twitter has a HEART button
Instagram also has a HEART button

However, what DON"T you like?

Your brain will google itself, you will be guided by past experiences and find you gravitate towards the stuff you like, the stuff you are good at, the stuff you know. Your brain keeps you safe,  its only looking out for your survival, thats its job.

So, next time you are out with the camera, challenge yourself to take images using what you don't like ...

1. Use a lens you haven't used for a while.
2. If you like Landscapes, look closer ...take a macro shot, get down on the ground, look at the rock,  look at the flowers, see different shapes.
3. Take a Landscape shot when you usually take a Macro
4. See the image as if you were a photographer working on a documentary, how differently would you take the shot.
5. Go out at a different time of day you would usually not bother with or in different weather. When I lived in Snowdonia, my waterproof gear was upgraded to cope with the constant (well it seemed constant..) rain, so I could go out and not get cold feet (Bridgedale socks saved my life !) Mountain Equipment stopped me feeling the cold and rain and I learned to like my waterproof trousers...
6. Awareness, be aware of what you think you don't like, understand WHY you don't like whatever it is, was it a rejection, a bad experience,  an argument, someone else put you off with their negative comments, were you scared of being judged..? When you begin to peel back the layers, much like peeling an onion, you start to see that you are guided by stories, stories that are made up, you choose what you like and what you don't. Write your own story, rather than being guided by anothers opinion, but be aware that your stories are your own. Most of us go through life skimming the surface, scared to uncover the stories, because it can be uncomfortable.

Challenge the comfort zone, theres always something new waiting on the other side, if you choose to take the assignment.

Mel Collie
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