Mel Collie


Working With Your Limits.

One of the benefits of losing a leg ( after a motorcycle accident nearly a year ago) and having limited mobility, at the present, is that I have to work with what is presented to me and accept and enjoy those limitations.
Last night I was shattered, it had been a long but good day if getting stuff done around the home, food shopping, stuff like that and by tea time I could have just flopped in the chair and watched telly. But the evening weather was gorgeous and too nice to waste, no matter how much pains and aches I was feeling. So with Wee Rosie and Wee Hamish, we headed off down to the lovely bit of woodland down the road.
I used to wander all over these woods, clambering the steep sides and exploring all the wood has to offer. Tonight, however, I was struggling just to walk along the main track and with every step I could feel the end of the stump stinging and throbbing, the top of the prosthetic was rapidly causing a rub on my upper leg, and the weight of the leg felt like a lump of lead with every move.
I felt a wince of frustration creep in, in that I couldn' t get in the optimum position to take advantage of the soft warm low light, I couldn't get into a position to take advantage of the bluebells that had begun to blossom. I had to accept and enjoy the fact I was to take a picture in the shade and from the path. I had to accept and be aware of my pains, my tiredness, and that I bloody fortunate to be able to walk and just be in this wood and to just enjoy and be with what is around me. When this happens you see differently. It becomes very personal, more humble, less egotistical and very calm.
I came away with just one picture, but a picture I like and that's all that really matters.

I think to the past when I used to expend huge amounts of energy with a massive heavy pack laden with camera kit, sweat pouring from every orifice in search of a picture - when in fact pleasing and satisfying pictures were being ignored and not seen in the possibility of finding something better further on.