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Do you hinder your own development by stopping failure?

Theres a question..

Do you hinder your own development by stopping failure?

Since we were little, we have been conditioned to believe that failure is a bad thing, success gets rewarded with gold stars (remember those?!) and when we fail we get told off, punished, feel stupid.

We grow believing that failure is a bad word and wrong.

We feel useless, stuck, tired, worthless when we fail.

That begs the question then.. as this affects how you make choices as a grown up..Can you turn that around? Fear of failure is a massive realisation when you realise that you fear failure a lot, it can be disguised as many things.

Fear of practicing new things, experimenting, fear of looking stupid, fear of being vulnerable.

Heres another way of looking at it though.

The problem is not in the failing. The problem is our belief in the word and the feelings, the emotions we have grown to attach to it.

How we react to failure can lead to procrastination, which means you hold yourself back from trying ...and trying again.

The solution lies in our mindset, how we use words, watching our language. Our long held beliefs.

Re-programme your mindset.

Don't try to get things right the first time.

Accept there are steps that you take and the majority of those steps = failure.

You will hinder your own development if you do not fail. Simple as that.

Embrace failure instead of worrying about it , beating yourself up about it.

You don't know what you don't you? How will you get to the place when you do know?

By trying, failing, moving on, failing, trying..repeat..

Fail often, so the next time, things will be better, because by failing, you learned.

Reward failure by noticing your reaction to it, being kind to your self, try not to feel frustrated or avoid it, but embrace it, you are, after all, only human.

Mel Collie

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