Mel Collie


Becoming more stubborn with the photographs you take?

The older we get, the more biased we become.


Stuck in our ways.

We become rigid in our beliefs, our likes and dislikes, and we don't like to deviate from our comfort zone.

Thats when we can get stuck with taking the same old photos, month after month, accepting that thats just the way it is, scared to try something different. Scared of the judgements of others, of failure, of being vulnerable.

We are influenced by our past data set. It's a constant feedback loop which affects our decision making.

We form our opinions from stories that we tell ourselves all the time. Over and over.

How can you make a change?

One way is to practice having no mind.

Not mindfulness, but.. no mind

Be like a two year old.

An innocent child who has so much to learn about the world and labels, but for now, their mind is open, with very little data, like a new computer that has yet to have documents saved to the hard drive.

Step back from the labels , try to see colour, texture, shapes, without any description.
Red isn't red, green isn't green, grass isn't grass, water isn't water.

If you think that this is going to be tricky, you are probably correct.

You will be bringing all your past data set with you that makes you think its going to be tricky.. to project the future, you are thinking about the past. They way you react to things is how you will react to this or any other task at work or home.

Flip your thinking. Be aware of your self talk, your language. Remove the labels.

Make it fun again, like a child would.

Go out with your camera, with no mind.


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