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Why theres no such thing as a rubbish photo..

Ever hated one of your photos..or more than one?

Well, when you look at something, you change the outcome. Just by looking.

When you throw a dice, and it lands, say, on number 4, all the other possibilities cease to exist.

When you take a photo, when you press the shutter, all other possibilities cease to be, because of the choice you made to press the shutter when you did.

You chose the outcome...

Therefore theres no such thing as a rubbish photo.

You can't get it, what we call, wrong. You might not be satisfied with an image, however.

Your choice as to when you press the shutter is made from all the past data in your life leading up to that moment. All the people and things that have influenced you, from teachers, parents, authors,  artists, poets, from other photographers, from holidays, music, books, from the TV, food, drink, movies, colour, clothes, fashion, trends...the list is endless..

To dismiss a photo as rubbish to is to dismiss what has happened, no matter how small you think an impact, in your life up to now. All the choices you have made, all the things you have come into contact with.

If you don't like the images you are taking, change your current input data...accept what is, then change it.

Study the work of an artist you admire, read poetry, go somewhere you believe you find boring, challenge the limitations of the mind, the brain is plastic, it can be changed, you aren't stuck with the thoughts you have, you aren't stuck with any limitations, or what you perceive are limitations.

1. Know your language around your perceived limitations. What words are you using to describe your life, your emotions, your work, your day. " I can't do that" " That will never work" "Everyone will laugh" "No one likes my work" "I don't know how" "I can't change my style" "I'm too old to change my ways" get the idea.
2. Imagine your outcome. This is not about manifesting in your life all that you want and it will just appear on your doorstep, you have to do the work. This is about imagining where you want to be, where do you want you work to take you. Lets face it, we imagine the bad stuff, the negative stuff, the worry, the fears, the worst that can happen, and we believe those thoughts.  Why not imagine where we want our work to take us, where we want it to be, how we want it to be accepted. Why do we find that hard? Because the brain is hard wired to be negative, it's why we are the dominant species, we are always looking around the corner, over the hill, surviving. Now, as we sit more, tap away at laptops more, we can compare lives with others, this can lead to a lack of self esteem, self worth, keep us stuck, worried about judgements, worried about failing, not trying until everything is perfect. Perfect will be the death of your talent, quit being perfect and just try, fail, try again, fail again. Its the way we learn.

This takes work. However, many of us don't do the work, because we get lazy, can't be bothered, too busy, too stressed...

The brain is plastic, it changes, it requires daily work to change. Much like being on a diet. You don't change one meal a week and expect a result. It requires commitment and consistency.

Consistently do the work. Notice the changes.

It can be that simple.


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