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How to take images of Trees

Misty tree images at this time of year are very popular, as we roll into Autumn, the colours and the mist create some lovely soft images.

However, looking at it another way, your perspective of the tree is totally different to what the true actually looks like, or is.

Subjective Reality - reality perceived by the individual, no one else is able to perceive your world. Its personal. Its how you see things based on your experiences and influences.

Objective Reality - exists only outside of the human mind. Trees. Water. Stars. Galaxies. Gravity. Whether you believe in it or not, gravity is real and affects you.

Inter Subjective Reality - Created by the human mind, shared by others, believed in by other
human minds. Countries borderlines, for example, are created by humans in offices looking at maps and wanting to create divisions, believed b others as a way of controlling tribes and rules. We can also say that religion money, google and countries are also Inter Subjective realities. Humans have created the language dividing USA from Canada, England from Wales and Scotland.

So where does taking an image of a tree come into this?

The tree is just being a tree. The tree is real. The tree is Objective Reality.

We bring our thoughts with us as we press the cameras shutter.

In truth as we take photos, should we be looking to capture more of the objective, rather than the subjective?

From an atomic level, there no such thing as separation. We are the tree. The tree is us.
Its a human point of view to believe that you are separate from a tree, or even from the ground that you are standing on.
We use words to describe our local environment, they have no objective reality, thats not to say paper doesn't exist, the classification is all ours, they are not intrinsic to the things themselves. Separation is an illusion.

So next time you are out in the woods, trying to make some sense of natures chaos you see all around you, be the tree. Dispel thoughts, as they dilute the experience.

Think of it like clear water, a thought is like a drop of ink that colours the water and changes it. Dispel the ink and just obtain clear water.

You are a brain inside a head that has never seen a tree, never even seen a hand. It relies on the feedback from experience.

The only place you live is inside your mind.

Wherever that is ...


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