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Reality and Photography

A degree in Cosmology, bookshelves full of physics books, a mind as vast as the black hole..

That describes the person who is writing a photography workshop with a difference.

Aimed at photographers who know their cameras, lenses, and their work inside out but are looking for something different...that will expand their mind..

This isn't about meditation, its not about mindfulness.

Its about atoms, its about neuroscience, its about light and matter, its about things behaving differently when they are observed, so when you decide to press the camera shutter, you exclude all other possibilities...

It a bit of a mind bending, interesting, different, enlightening, will make you look at things very very differently.

Dates of the workshops are to be announced, but watch this blog and my social media posts for further insights as to what the workshops will include.

Theres a huge amount of ground to cover so the thought process is that we will offer them in two levels, so a level one, where you begin, and a level 2 a couple of months down the line once you have absorbed level ones material, as level 2 needs some foundational work to support it.

You don't have to understand physics, or cosmology, but you do have to be happy in your way around your camera, as its not a tutorial workshop about landscapes, macro, F stops or astro photography (for example).

This is about your interpretation of the world around you, how it affects your mind, and how that has an impact on your photography.

Looking forward to further insights over the next few days, as we are aiming to release a workshop in November.

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