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Embrace Reastraints Part II

Once you've practiced the first assignment for a couple of weeks, we then move on to detail.

As before, relax, and close your eyes for 10 minutes and notice your breathing. No doubt your mind will wander and you will remember something you forgot to do or thats so urgent you cant possibly sit here...however, that thing wasn't so important before you closed your eyes, your brain is programmed to look for the negative, it does that automatically, but don't try to stop that, trying to stop it brings frustration, worry, anxiety.

Just by noticing it, acknowledging it, and changing your perspective, you can change it.

Understand what drives you, what stories you keep telling yourself. This takes time, sometimes , depending o how many layers you have to uncover, it can take daily work for many weeks, months possibly years, because its work that can uncover beliefs that you had no idea that you have.

That can take time to acknowledge.
My last blog post and this one describe a simple way to see things differently, but this is just the beginning.

The work is simple, but needs practice.

1. Begin by , after your 10 minutes of relaxation, by choosing an object to focus on, not with your camera, but with your eyes, when they open, allow them to notice it, then go out of focus. Refocus and then select a part of the object to really focus on 2. Close the eyes again for a minute to relax them 3. Open the eyes, focus on your subject, then go out of focus again. 4. Notice the shapes, colours when your subject is out of focus. 5. Refocus. Notice a different part of your subject, and zoom in as if your eyes are a lens, look at it in more detail. Underneath, Close up. Imagine your eyes have fingers and they can feel the texture. imagine your eyes are people and can actually shrink down to walk on the surface of your chosen object, into the lines, grooves, patterns, colours. See it from a different perspective.

Ive practiced this countless times on the patterns in food, on a jug of water, on the sink in the bathroom....yesterday it was on the cut out top of the red, green and yellow peppers from the roasted vegetable dinner. The shapes of the stalk and patterns of the seeds, looked like branches and leaves.

It may not mean that you come out the other side with amazing award winning images, but when practiced regularly your eyes begin to see things differently.

Your mind opens up to not just seeing the obvious image, but the countless opportunities along the way that you would usually just walk past and miss.

Remember that everything you see has a label.
Those labels have been taught since you were small
They become the norm
They can alter your perspective
They can create obstacles
The word "tree" is just a label, the tree doesn't know its called a tree, it just is
The word "human" is just a label, we know we are called humans, but its just a label.
You are just a label.

With that thought...


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