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Today was big announcement day.

I'm still waiting for my vain of as I wait, fooling myself that maybe they just forgot to tell me that I've won something in an abstract sort of way, it's been lovely to catch up with the images that won and images that were commended.

Art is subjective, you can't say if someones creation is good or bad, all you can truthfully say is that it does something for you ...or it does nothing for you.

Our past data set, whether or not we are aware of what our influences have been over the years, has shaped our tastes as to what we like or dislike.

If you don't like a certain food, you don't carry on eating it, you eat what you prefer to eat.

If you don't like a certain artists style, you don't knock them for it, it's just not to your taste, you follow artists whose work you do like or that creates a reaction that makes you curious, wanting to find out more about them, study their thought process.

Inside the Outside are featuring a very interesting photographer at the moment, Chris Younger. His style isn't one that I am a huge fan of, but it's a style that creates a curiosity in me that I would like to see more of, I would attend an exhibition of his works, read more about him, seek out more of his work so I can understand more about his brain, where he's coming from, what his influences were and are.

It's that side of artists that I find fascinating.

Apart from taking and printing photos, I teach Pilates. When I was learning the second module of the course back in 2009, I fell in love with the anatomical side of it, not just the Pilates moves but the "why" behind it. As time went on I studied more neurological papers and read more on the brain. I took a couple of courses on how the brain can affect our muscular contractions and pain. I started to understand how our past influences affect our thoughts, actions, language, perceptions.

In turn, this has affected my photography, how I see things, how I see colour, shapes, patterns, textures.

It's not to everyones taste, my work is pretty abstract...I'm not taking photos for everyone. I used to be a people pleaser, that gets you absolutely nowhere. Be true to yourself by understanding yourself. You might then take images that you are proud of, rather than wanting others approval for your own self worth.
Thats called object referral, seeking praise and approval from external sources, its nice to have, but don't rely on others to choose your best images, know them yourself.

So, I wait for my LPOTY email, which has got lost in the post...come on Charlie...whats holding you up?


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