Mel Collie


Cornish Hedges

I absolutely love West Penwith.

Not just because of the rugged coastline, but for the ancient Cornish hedges.

I love this area so much , that whenever `i can borrow a car, as we haven’t owned a car for 2 years (but thats about to change soon) I have to come here to just see the hedges, to just see the patterns, the lichens, the mosses, flowers, the plants that grown from the amazing hand built stone structures.

At Zennor some of the hedges date back to the bronze age, quite amazing.

I discovered and devoured the website on all things related to hedges -

They describe them as unique as a man wildlife refuge.

I couldn’t agree more.

We need to retain these wildlife sanctuaries for many many decades to come.

Read about the past and the future of them here:


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