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"...But what is it??"

I love this question, I’ve heard it said more than once when someones looking at my work in my book Elemental

“So, what is it then?”

I used to worry about what to say, should I tell them that its a picture of a lot of mouldy stuff under the bottom of an old boat that seen better days, or maybe its a pattern in a rock that is only visible if you climb down some slippery steps to the shoreline and wander about for hours, and if your eye and the light is right, you just might see what I see.

It doesn’t matter what it is though does it?

It matter what YOU see..

How it makes YOU feel..

What emotional reaction does a piece of art stir inside you?'




Childhood memories?

I grew up in Brighton, and was often by the sea during the school holidays when mum took us to the beach.

I love being by the sea, the space opens up my head to a feeling of freedom, carefree, yet, through a fear of the water, I don’t like swimming, I love the patterns the waves create, the colours of the sunrise or sunset, the images in my mind are mirrored in the harbour boat hulls and the rock patterns I see as I wander the North Cornish coast near my home.

Thats what I see. Thats what it is.

What matters is..what do you see..?

Thats what my answer will be.


Photo workshops that work on your mindset not your shutter speed..

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