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Based around two of my projects along the North Cornish Coast close to my home in Portreath, Elemental has been published by Triplekite.

’Elemental’ tells a pictorial story of the sea, and its power. In its first part how it affects the man made objects placed within it, and secondly how it shapes our very planet at a natural erosion and shaping perspective.

The images within this book are an exploration to capture the essence of change, of making and remaking, of time and tide and the stories they leave behind. 

The landscape changes with each tide of the ocean. North Cornwall’s coastline can be harsh and rugged, with ever changing patterns, colours, shapes and pathways.

I have been working on Elementals projects for about 18 months, I'm very excited that Triplekite have been working on publishing my abstract photography. 

The forward is written by the acclaimed artist Paul Kenny whose stunning inspirational original work can be seen here: http://www.paul-kenny.co.uk

64 pages. 

ISBN 978-0-9932589-8-5

Hardback (24 0mm x 24 0mm)

Illustrations 52

£23 inc Postage & Packaging - UK 


Workshop 1:1

Workshop 1:1


Come to North Cornwall to discover the elements that inspired me to take images for two projects that have now been published by Triplekite. 

My book , Elemental, is based around the harbour of Portreath and Porthcadjack cove a short walk from Portreath beach.

Dependant on the tide, we will wander down to the cove, off the beaten track, to a deserted beach to explore the colours of the Cornish rocks. 

Wear warm clothes, bring hat and gloves if its winter time, and good walking boots, water to drink and something to eat. The day will also include a wander around the little village harbour in Portreath so see how we can use our unfocused mindset to see patterns on the hull of the boats. 

The workshop will run for approx 6 hours and includes a print of one of your images from the day.

This will be posted out separately to you after the workshop. 

Message me for more details or dates that you can make, all dependant on the tide of course!


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