I love to print my images on a textured paper. For me, I feel the texture really does suit the abstract images, so each image holds its depth of colour and texture when you see it for the first time in print, in your hands, when you have decided which image you would love to own and hang in your home.

However, I do sometimes print on Awagami Japanese Bamboo paper 250g which is a smoother paper, this all depends on the image, so it can take time and care and attention to detail to prepare an image, so all order will take 2 - 4 weeks to produce.

Each image is numbered and signed.

Print sizes

Since September 01st 2018, each new piece of work that is a size 14” square print is limited to one print only ( prior to this print runs were of a maximum of 25 each print. ) Therefore the print will be numbered as 1/1 - one of one. Therefore once an image has been sold in this size it will no longer be available in a 14”square print.

I also print images in a smaller size, 12”. Each 12” square print is in a small print run of 12 and will be numbered as such depending on where it in in that particular run.

The price of each 14” square image is:


Each 12” square print is:


Please be aware the if the size of the print differs as per the image description on my website the price will also be different. Not all my images are square format, but the majority of them are.

Images are printed with enough space to allow for a mount.

All images are supplied unframed

Please email as to which print from which project you are interested in, or if you have a copy of Elemental which page the image you would like printed.

Email :