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Photo Workshops that work on your mind rather than the camera.

Stop looking. Start seeing.


A private weekend of photography & mindset practice

A private weekend of photography & mindset practice


Why do you lie awake at night worrying about stuff?

Do you worry about asking for help? Do you think the answer is to try harder?

Do you feel that your work isn’t good enough, does it leave you with a sense of guilt, shame, anger, frustration?

Have you got a vision as to where you want to go with your art work? Is it so big that its likely to fail?

Have you got loads of goals but don’t know where to begin?

Worried about the comments from others on social media?

Do you blame others and the economy for your situation?

Does others success trigger you?

Do you procrastinate often, finding yourself staring at the computer screen not knowing how to edit an image for the better or if to post it on Instagram stories?

Two weeks before you arrive I will send you worksheets to use that will begin the process to help you unravel goals and mindset issues so we can get to work as soon as you arrive in Cornwall. I will contact you twice before you arrive to touch base on the work you will be doing before you get here, answer any questions and help you move forward breaking down barriers.

The weekend begins Saturday morning and ends Sunday afternoon. If you can get here Friday afternoon we can start Friday but i am aware not everyone can get away from work on a Friday, so let me know your circumstances before you book .

The aim is to be outside as much as possible over the weekend. If the weathers great we may also go for an climb and/or an abseil nearby, as theres nothing like being taken out of your comfort zone to challenge your beliefs about your self but of course this is all weather dependent & your health and wellbeing too.

I’m aware that willpower and discilpline don’t work. So there won’t be any of that over the weekend! This will be two days of changing patterns of negative self talk, awareness and understanding what your unconscious narrative actually is.

How to begin and end each day to ensure they are productive.

Why its not about trying to practice happiness, but understanding what you are suppressing.

The process of the 4 A’s - Acceptance, Awareness, Accountability and Adaptation that helps alter our own bias filters to eliminate the limits that hold us back.

This work can be uncomfortable and revealing, so I recommend that you book the Monday off work as you may be exhausted mentally.

It can also be totally uplifting, fun and motivating!

What the weekend doesn’t include:

Accommodation and travelling costs


Alcoholic Beverages

If you have any questions about this weekend please message me:

We can travel to you but please be aware that extra costs will be added - travelling time and travel.

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