Mel Collie


About Mel


I grew up in a seaside town on the south coast of the UK spending many Summer holidays on the beach not far from home, to the extent that even though I lived and worked in London for a time, I now feel there is something missing when I am not by the sea, not seeing the horizon, having that sense of space, listening to the sound of the crashing waves..the stormier the better. However, due to nearly drowning under Brightons Palace Pier when little, I have a fear of swimming day I will overcome that , for now I watch from the shoreline.  

Wandering with my camera along any part of the English coast is, for me, fun, playful, with no rules. I can create what feels right to me, this is why I tend to favour abstract photography, there are no rules, no limits, only those we impose on ourselves. 

In 2016 one of my SW641 466 images was published in the OPOTY (Outdoor Photographer of the Year) book under the Waters Edge category

In 2017 and 2018, four of my images were shortlisted.

Two are in my published Elemental book, which was designed by Paul Mitchell for Tripklekite PublicationsPaul runs his own very sucessful design company and popular sell out photographic workshops, I am grateful of the opportunity to have him work on my projects for Elemental. 

Paul Kenny wrote the introduction to Elemental. Pauls work inspired me to look further than just using a camera when I first saw his work in his book. He inspires me still today, his work is like nothing else I have seen, please take time to see how different his work is here on his website. His book is called Seaworks, when I first opened it I cried at the beauty of the detail, the imagination, the colours, the textures, the design, his mind.

8 images are in the 2019 shortlist in the Close Up Photographer of the Year competition. The shortlist was announced in May with two of my images selected for the final top 100 . Goldfish in the Manmade category and Bude Rocks in the Intimate Landcape category.

The Bude Rocks image was selected to be featured in the CUPOTY article in Autumns edition of Outdoor Photographer 2019.

There are no rules in ICM or Multiple Exposure photography.

Allow the creativity to sing in your mind..

Be aware of your self imposed limits. 

It opens up a whole new world you never knew existed.



P.S. I believe my love of detail has also helped me be passionate about the workings of the human body, therefore I am also a Pilates instructor. I love both sides of myself. The photographer and the geeky back pain fixer.